The passion I have for scuba diving cannot be denied and it has stayed with me over the years through ups and downs. I remember the first time I took a look through a scuba diving magazine and dreaming about doing it myself. It was a co-worker that initially got me interested in scuba diving and helped to spark my interest. After I showed even more interest than he intended, the next thing I knew, he was giving me books on scuba diving. By the end of reading the first book, I was hooked and my love for diving has only increased since that time.

Of course, I have learned to juggle my duties at work and all my other projects in order to have spare time for diving. It’s taken time to learn how to prioritize the things in my life and the things in my life that I want, but now that I’ve done that it has been easier to pick and choose my scuba activities.

Since deciding to dive into scuba diving, so to speak, I have taken adventure trips with co-workers, friends, and family, and I even can boast of having a certification now, giving me access to certain destinations throughout the world. I really do enjoy my experiences and the environment and so, I decided to capture these moments on film.

I invested in a camera and now I take photos of each dive I attempt as I don’t want to miss a thing. Capturing dives underwater is truly a rewarding experience and the beauty of the creatures and the fish and coral gardens cannot be expressed enough as it never quite does it justice. Mother Nature is always a sight to behold.

When it comes to scuba diving, there is always something new to learn and I have taken it upon myself to travel the world over to take up classes and go on trips that open me up to a new perspective on scuba diving. After scuba diving so often, now I am quite skilled at identifying different types of fish and categorizing them. To further my studies underwater, I even invested in some underwater photography courses, which are tailor-made for the interests of the divers.

In order to ensure that I don’t get bored with diving at the same place all the time, I have resorted to going on vacations to distant places to satisfy my urge for diving in the deep. Even if it is only for a few days or a long weekend, I never can complain about the experience. I have had some wonderful longer trips all over the world. A few of the highlights include:

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If deep sea diving amongst turtles and dolphins is your thing, then I highly suggest venturing to Greece to take in their sea life. From the month of April all the way through September, small groups of divers are able to visit and experience the aquatic life up close. Local species that you see live include all sorts of dolphins: short-beaked, striped, common, and bottlenose. There are also sunfish, loggerhead turtles and sometimes a few monk seals can be seen swimming nearby. Of course, I photographs of nearly all the sea creatures in this area and I recommend it to anyone that wants to experience the Mediterranean coast. And once you are done diving, there are so many islands off the coast of Greece that you can visit by ferries and affordably. I have made this one of my return trips and I am always eager to get back and soak in their sun.

The Philippines

I never knew this until recently, but seeing sea cows in their natural habitat is becoming harder to see and so I decided to visit The Philippines to see them while I had the opportunity. Also known as dugongs, they are extremely rare these days, but can be viewed during the months between March and July. I went there hoping to see at least a few since I know how shy they are, but luckily for me, an entire family had decided to nestle nearby and I was able to take a series of photos that I intend to turn into postcards in the future for friends and family.

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