Exploring High Body Heat Causes – The Most Common

When it comes to the human body, a lot of things could work towards the good, and some to the uncomfortable. That’s the case regarding high body heat. In some instances, the heat index of your body can be raised because you’re an athlete and are amid competition. But what if you’re not moving? That’s where high body heat causes can come into play, because it will show you exactly what is going on with your body, or at least what may be occurring. Here are just some of the most common issues.

Anxiety or Panic Disorder
If you are dealing with mental issues such as anxiety or panic disorder, the body will overheat often. It will be in combination with feelings of inadequacies, pressure, or simply triggered by a panic attack. These issues can be rough to deal with, but with medication, they can stabilize somewhat.

Women Over A Certain Age
Women that are over 40 will hit what is known as menopause. This is where menstruation and ovulation stop. As a result, hot flashes and high body heat is common. It’s a part of the bigger picture that comes with menopause and while there are assisting medications, it’s part of the aging process for women.

Thyroid Conditions
Both hyper and hypothyroidism can cause the body to heat up a great deal. This gland controls a lot of function, but when it’s not working, you’ll find that the gland can swell, over produce secretions, and can even burn out. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find that the heat index of the body will shift wildly, including overheating.

Cancers of Various Types
Cancer is one of the problems associated with failed endocrine systems, as well as glandular issues that have mutated into something more complex. Pituitary cancer, Thyroid cancer, and cancer of the lymph nodes can all signal the body to be irregular in heating elements. This is going to cause serious problems with the body’s natural systems.

These are the most common occurrences of high body heat, but in no way represent all of them. If you’re experiencing these issues, visit a doctor and get looked at, there may be something wrong.